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Creating Personalized Content by Understanding Consumer Behaviors w/ Persado's Alex Olesen

Persado is a content generation and decisioning platform powered by artificial intelligence. Using machine learning, The AI platform uses sophisticated AI, data science, computational linguistics, and ML to generate targeted messages by leveraging the world’s most advanced language knowledge base of more than 1 million tagged and scored words and phrases. In this episode, Will Devlin speaks with Persado's Alex Olesen about how the company unlocks insights from consumer behaviors before and after someone becomes a customer to maximize benefits for both parties.

Understanding Customer Data Platforms with David Raab from The CDP Institute

In this episode of IN GEAR, India Waters and co-host Danielle Profita Briner chat with David Raab of The CDP Institute.

How SaaS is Evolving to Serve Marketers’ Ever-Changing Needs — with Rishi Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Digioh

On this episode of IN GEAR, India and Nick speak with Rishi Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Digioh, about how SaaS tools will continue to move to models where they don’t store data to make it easier and better for both I.T. and marketing.

Creating Data-Driven Moments That Captivate Your Customers — with Lalit Chopra and Bill Reinwald of Movable Ink

In this episode of IN GEAR, India and Nick talk with Lalit Chopra, SVP of Product, and Bill Reinwald, Director of Business Development at Movable Ink about how marketers are delivering data-driven creative in real-time at scale.

How to Turn an Idea Into an Enterprise Software Company featuring Tech Entrepreneur Dan Roy

On this week’s episode, India and Nick speak with career technologist and tech entrepreneur Dan Roy, who founded the enterprise customer marketing platform provider MessageGears after career stints at Delta Air Lines, Accucast, PGi, and more.

Why a Warehouse-First Approach to Data Matters with Rachel Bradley-Haas and Alex Dovenmuehle, Co-Founders of Big Time Data

In this episode, India and Nick are joined by Rachel Bradley-Haas and Alex Dovenmuehle, co-founders of Big Time Data. Together they cover why businesses are moving to a warehouse-first approach when it comes to storing and activating data, the future of data management, and what has accelerated the push to modern data warehouses in recent years. Plus, India has an ice pack on her face the whole time and Rachel and Alex have the best lightning round yet.

The Future of Distributed Marketing with Bernice Fung, Sageflo’s Head of Growth

Sageflo's Head of Growth, Bernice Fung, joins India and Nick to talk about what distributed marketing is and why it's crucial for businesses to allow local operators to connect with their local customers while still upholding corporate branding and messaging guidelines.

3 Major Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For

On this episode, we'll discuss three major trends to watch for in 2021: the growth and takeover of SMS, with introduction of RCS and 10DLC, marketers propelling the continued industry shift towards modern and cloud-based data warehouses, and shifts in message frequency - enterprise marketers reigning in messaging with smaller companies growing at a high rate.

Deconstructing the Rebrand with Will Devlin, MessageGears' VP of Marketing

Join India and Nick as they speak with Will Devlin, VP of Marketing at MessageGears, and dive deep on the recent company rebrand, how to take your company through a brand overhaul, and marketing themes for the year ahead.

Holiday Messaging that Works

Our inaugural episode is a fun, casual discussion, as Nick Ziech-Lopez (Director, Product Marketing) and India Waters (Senior Growth Manager) lead an eclectic holiday-themed panel on successful (and not-so-successful) holiday marketing strategies, how to plan for holiday volume surges as a technology provider, and great examples of holiday-themed creative and what makes them work so well.